Code 2004 Becomes Paperless!

Orderline has created an even more convenient way to research and reference codes, standards and guides for you, the building professional, with our new Paperless electronic library.

As you can see, we have kept the overall look and design much the same as with our Code 2004 products, and all of your existing Code 2004 (or Code 2003) publications are still accessible, right here!

How it works

Navigate through the table of contents to access the publications in your subscription or use the search function to pinpoint certain words, titles or subjects. Search a single publication or your entire list, save time and find precisely what you need.

  • Search and access dozens of publications in one location, in one easy step.
  • 24-hour access from any computer with an Internet connection worldwide.
  • Instantly access new publications when you update your subscription.
  • Consistent format and style for easy navigation of all publications.
  • Publications automatically updated with the latest amendments and revisions so you’ll always be code compliant.

This site uses Acrobat Reader. Download it free HERE!

Sign up for a Paperless free trial
We know you’ll love our new Paperless Online, find out for yourself. Your 30-day free trial gives you access to our comprehensive Paperless Six Pak and the Ontario Fire Code. The Six Pak is our complete Ontario Building Code collection containing all six main OBC publications including:
  • Ontario Building Code
  • Supplementary Guidelines to the Ontario Building Code
  • Illustrated Guide to the Ontario Building Code
  • Code and Construction Guide for Housing
  • Code and Guide for Plumbing Systems
  • Code and Guide for Sewage Systems

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